Food Chooser 1.0

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I wrote this page one day because my wife (who was my fiancee at the time) and I can never agree (or choose - hence the name Food Chooser) on where to go to eat fast food. This handy little script takes care of the decision-making process for us.

My wife jokingly told me that I should write a computer program to decide for us, so I whipped out notepad and wrote Food Chooser 1.0 (in about an hour).

Just reload the page (or click on the button) for a new food choice. If you find this page amusing or useful, please link back to me.

Submit any fast food restaurant ideas to

Disclaimer: This page is intended for entertainment purposes only. It was built to illustrate the ease with which problems can be solved using JavaScript. I am not affiliated in any way with any of the restaurants listed above.

18-Feb-2005 - Updated references to Libby
28-Mar-2003 - Initial release